Rooms & suite


Currently we can offer accommodation in 2 single rooms, 2 double rooms, 2 triple rooms and one suite. All our rooms have private access as well as their own private, naturally ventilated full bathroom. Some neighbouring rooms may be rented jointly thus becoming a private suite, so do contact us if you have a special request.

By choice and following the unwritten tradition of Viscri guesthouses and most guesthouses’ in the Transylvanian Highlands, we’ve decided to not instal TVs and mini-bars in our rooms. This decision is keeping us from fulfilling the 3* hotel standards, but we are standing behind it and hope our guests enjoy in Viscri a different type of pastime than at home.

We’ve strived to furnish the house aquiring and using, where possible, old, traditional, hand carved furniture from the area, both of Romanian and Saxon origin, adding many small details, such as painted plates, hand-embroidered decorations etc. that make that special flavor and character of a traditional rural dwelling. At the same time, we’ve implemented a digitally-controlled heating system to keep you in comfort. We sure hope you will enjoy this mix of old and new!

All our rooms feature natural duvet pillows and covers. Please do contact us in advance for special requests.

Single rooms / small doubles:

Double rooms:

Triple rooms: