Direct booking and cancellation policy

It’s always a good idea to contact us, as we will suggest the room(s) that fits best your needs, upon availability. Please make sure to be available by phone prior to your arrival, we will contact you in order to meet and greet you at the location. There is no permanent reception on the premises.

Every room is unique and you will have the exact room you selected, as pictured. If, for reasons out of our control, your room is not available upon arrival, we will offer a room in the same price category or offer you a free upgrade.

When booking directly with us, we will also make sure to offer you the best price. Consequently, our quote terms will be prepaid and non refundable, unless stated otherwise. Therefore, we cannot offer refunds for direct reservations, however, should you be unable to fulfill the trip and inform us about it at least 14 days prior to arrival, we will do our best to reschedule your stay to your earliest convenience, based on availability.