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Viscri 44

Viscri (German: Deutschweißkirch or simply Weißkirch; Hungarian: Szászfehéregyháza), with a population of 467 in 2002, is best known for its highly fortified church, originally built around 1100 AD. Although it is one of the many saxon villages with fortified churches in Transylvania, its exceptional preservation as a whole allowed it to be designated as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1993. That was the year when a struggle to restore and maintain the look of the houses using traditional techniques and materials started and is still on since. A well known natural and cultural conservationist, the Prince Charles himself enjoyed the idea of owning a home in such a special place. His annual visits send the otherwise quiet and lost in time village straight to the headlines.

Our Guesthouse is on the very Churchstreet, so a priviledged location, close to the heart of the village. There must have been many houses on place through the centuries, but the current one was built for Johan Orend, in 1851, as is written on the main beam in the main house.

We’ve strived to furnish the house aquiring and using, where possible, old, traditional, hand carved furniture from the area, both of Romanian and Saxon origin, adding many small details, such as painted plates, hand-embroidered decorations etc. that make that special flavor and character of an authentic rural dwelling. We sure hope you will enjoy it. With a new ownership and management starting with 2019, we hope Viscri 44 will become your favorite stop in Transylvania.

Viscri 44

The photo: http://www.flickr.com/photos/tonica/3177186026/in/set-72157612750015778/ ©

Viscri (Deutschweisskirch) este celebrul sat sasesc aflat la 15 km de Rupea unde insusi Printul Charles al Marii Britanii are o casa traditionala saseasca pe care o viziteaza anual. Prilej de agitatie si murmur al ziarelor, pentru ca in restul anului Viscri este un loc rupt de povara mileniului al treilea. Un loc in care seara iti poti auzi inima batand si gandurile zburand libere in aerul curat si inmiresmat de iarba proaspat cosita.  Si pentru ca satul a pastrat inca aroma vietii de acum cateva sute de ani, nu demult a devenit componenta a patrimoniului UNESCO.

In sat locuiesc inca urmasi ai vechilor saxoni colonizati aici, pentru ca, prin darzenia si organizarea lor exemplara, sa fie o adevarata pavaza in calea invaziilor tatare si otomane. Colonii germani au lasat aici mostenire cea mai veche biserica fortificata din Transilvania (1210).

Si unde poti gasi, calatorule, un loc mai specific traditiilor sasesti decat casa de la numarul 44 din Viscri, situata pe strada Bisericii, chiar in inima satului? Aici te intampina unul dintre putinele camine din sat care mentine inca dovada artei sasesti de decoruri interioare: paturi suprapuse de doua persoane in stilul german taranesc, lazi de zestre, mobila pictata si alte acareturi.


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